Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So you want that new Video Card

Something I'm planning on doing is making my own home theater PC. I've also got some code that takes a while to compile so I can double the box as a massive compiler to make use of those extra CPU cycles. My old man has recently upgraded, and I got his old box. However he decided to keep his video card. I've been looking at the Radeon 5450 since it's been getting some great reviews as a HTPC card.

However I'm planning to use XBMC as my front end, on a Gentoo Linux OS. So I need Linux drivers. Are they listed on the AMD drivers page. Nope. Does googling around find them. Nope.

I did find a review of the card which was benchmarked under Ubuntu. So after some posting on the forums turns out that the Catalyst driver bundle will work with the card.

I have yet to buy the card, so I can't say for sure. But I do feel a lot more confident now.

Oh and AMD - please actually update your release notes when you put out new cards. If it's not in the release notes under the supported cards section, then how are consumers meant to know other than trial and error.

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