Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Continuing saga of Google's WiFi collection

Another article on the investigation of Google's WiFi adventures. There are two paragraphs that brought me great joy.

The Privacy Commissioner, Karen Curtis, has embarrassed Communications Minister Stephen Conroy by playing down the seriousness of Google's Wi-Fi spying bungle.


Curtis rejected Senator Conroy's claims that banking transactions were captured, while also noting that Google did not collect personal information transmitted over encrypted Wi-Fi networks.

“Australian banks use secure internet connections and my Office is not aware of any instances where banking information has been collected,” she said.

Curtis (or someone on her staff) obviously got what Conroy didn't/doesn't.

The data may have been collected (who says you can't write encrypted data to a hard drive), but Curtis understands that it wouldn't be of much use to Google.

Good on her. Keep up the good work Curtis!

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