Thursday, June 3, 2010

HTPC tweaking

I fixed my XBMC problems

  1. My XBMC hanging/screen issue is fixed by turning System->Video->Playback Sync playback to OFF.

  2. My sound popping issues were fixed by turning the System->Video->Video Blank Sync to ON.

I discovered how to use a handy little util called ddcprobe which is part of the xresprobe project. It helps figure out what modes, refresh rates, etc, your monitor/card supports. Great for filling out your Xorg.conf :)

For some reason the ddcprobe as part of Xorgautoconfig doesn't work properly (I kept getting segfaults), so get the source and build it yourself.

Some TV tweaks, and I'm done. If only the TV wasn't busted. My next step is to put a capture card in, because my wife hates missing her soaps :p

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